e-Chinese Interactive Mastery 1-2-3 - Madeline Chu

e-Chinese Interactive Mastery 1-2-3

By Madeline Chu

  • Release Date: 2020-05-30
  • Genre: 中国語


e-Chinese Interactive Mastery is a Beginning-to-Intermediate level e-textbook series, designed for college students, high school students, and independent learners, who are studying Chinese in an English-speaking environment. This volume, e-Chinese Interactive Mastery 1-2-3, combines the first three books of the e-textbook series. It is an excellent choice of textbook for blended or flipped classrooms, distant-learning environment, conventional classrooms, and self-learning. This e-book series adopts uniquely heuristic pedagogy and interactive approach to develop Chinese competence from the very beginning. It gives due attention to the unique nature of the tonal language and its written script in characters. It provides independent spaces for the training of listening/speaking competence and reading/writing abilities, and it facilitates different pedagogical approaches for auditory and visual learning.
This book series showcases iBooks’ interactive capacity with: (1) Embedded sound tracks for key expressions, pronunciation reinforcement, and communication passages—to augment auditory learning; (2) Animation video for character stroke orders, artistic illustrations, and appealing photos—to enhance visual learning; and (3) Quizzes with instant feedback for each of the L/S and the R/W sections—to improve learner’s confidence, self-awareness and learning effectiveness. This book series includes a lot of language and cultural background information to make language learning more meaningful and to present language use in social and cultural context. And, it includes conveniently accessible and searchable vocabulary and cross-referenced glossary!